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Nursing Diagnosis for Knowledge Deficit

Knowledge Deficit : About the Disease Process


The absence or lack of cognitive information in connection with a specific topic.

Defining characteristics:

  • verbalization of problems,
  • inaccuracies follow instructions,
  • inappropriate behavior.

Related factors:
  • cognitive limitations,
  • interpretations of misinformation,
  • lack of desire to seek information,
  • not knowing the sources of information.


Results Criteria:
  • Patients and families express an understanding of the disease, condition, prognosis and treatment programs
  • Patients and families are able to perform the procedure correctly explained
  • Patients and families are able to explain again what was described nurse / other health team


Teaching: Disease Process
  • Give your assessment of the level of knowledge about the patient's specific disease process
  • Describe the pathophysiology of the disease and how it relates to anatomy and physiology, in a proper way.
  • Describe the usual signs and symptoms appear the disease, in a proper way
  • Describe the disease process, the proper way
  • Identify possible causes, dengna proper way
  • Provide information to patients about the condition, in a proper way
  • Avoid a hopeless
  • Provide information to families about the progress of patients in an appropriate manner
  • Discuss lifestyle changes that may be necessary to prevent complications in the future and controlling disease or process
  • Discuss the choice of therapy or treatment
  • Encourage the patient to explore or get a second view in a proper way or indicated
  • Exploration of possible sources or support, the proper way
  • Refer patients to the group or agency in the local community, in a proper way
  • Instruct the patient about the signs and symptoms to report on health care givers, in a proper way

Nursing Diagnosis for Knowledge Deficit